reason, faith & vocation


EWS exists to further the interests, welfare, and educational purposes of Dartmouth College by engaging the personal, professional, and financial resources of Dartmouth alumni to create environments among students, faculty, and alumni that elevate reason, promote development of robust ethical value systems, stimulate constructive discussion among faiths, and share Christian perspectives.

Elevating Reason

We believe faith-based, intellectually rigorous dialogue is integral to the liberal arts education and the training of informed, open-minded individuals. We support events, venues, and resources that foster the integration of faith and learning, and constructive, respectful interfaith dialogue.

Cultivating Faith

We believe that the Christian faith offers a rational, viable, and liberating foundation for life and thought – at Dartmouth and afterward. EWS creates environments for students, faculty, and alumni to explore and grow in a robust Christian faith.

Discerning Vocation

We believe that reason and faith are expressed in meaningful vocation. We are developing a diverse network of Christian alumni who will engage with current students to help them discern vocation and live a life of service.

Through these combined efforts, we partner with Dartmouth in its mission to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and responsible leadership.