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The Wheelock Conference at Dartmouth – Saturday, April 21, 2018
The Wheelock Conference is an annual, one-day forum that brings together Dartmouth students, faculty, and alumni to explore the integration of faith, reason, and vocation. In diverse panel discussions, prominent alumni and scholars discuss the relevance of faith in their fields and share practical advice gained from their own experience. Through the day’s events we seek to provide examples in a range of contexts that show the integration of faith and reason is not only possible, but foundational to life, vocation, and vibrant intellectual progress.
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Supporting the Eleazar Wheelock House, a new Christian Living and Learning Center at Dartmouth Please click here to learn more about the Eleazar Wheelock House
Motivated by the deep love and grace of Christ, the Wheelock House will be a home that embraces inclusive intellectual inquiry, cultivates character, and fosters a warm and committed community.  The Wheelock House was home to five of Dartmouth’s earliest presidents and is the oldest building still standing in Hanover. The historic Wheelock House was, even from its beginnings, a small living and learning community for President Eleazar Wheelock and his family, and the earliest students of the college who resided in the upper floors.

In 2012, the directors of EWS saw a vision for the restoration of the house into a community of Christians committed to challenging each other to grow intellectually and spirituality, and to make the home a beacon of radical hospitality to the Dartmouth campus.  In November of 2015, EWS finally purchased the house to begin to make this vision reality.  Please support this mission by donating now.

A capital campaign online fundraising booklet will be available soon.

Supporting Students and Promoting Dialogue
EWS supports the creation of relational and engaging environments among students, faculty, and alumni that elevate reason, stimulate discussion, and articulate Christian perspectives.

Apologia Production
The Dartmouth Apologia is a student-run journal of Christian thought which exists to articulate Christian perspectives in the academic community. It has received the award for “Best Publication” at Dartmouth, has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, and has helped launch over 20 Christian publications on campuses nationwide. Apologia publishes bianually to stimulate dialogue and provide an apologetic for the Christian faith.

Networking for Students & Alumni
EWS is creating a strong network of committed Christian alumni to mentor current students who are seeking practical advice on spiritual and vocational issues. We believe that thinking well about the integration of faith, service, and vocation is of the utmost importance, and that alumni and students have much to learn from each other.

Supporting Student Initiatives
EWS provides funding for student initiatives that advance the integration of faith, reason, and vocation at Dartmouth. These initiatives develop student leaders and provide opportunities for students to explore Christian thought and its relevance to life, learning, and service.

The Waterman Institute
The Waterman Institute is an independent initiatives of Dartmouth students, faculty, and community members that provides learning opportunities anchored in scholarly inquiry, historical accuracy, and critical thought. The Institute offers a wide range of classes, seminars, internships, and special events that facilitate the integration of faith and reason with life, learning, and service.

Fare Forward National Journal
Drawing upon the success of Apologia, and the many other campus publications it has inspired nationwide, former Apologia editors launched Fare Forward, a publication of faith, reason, and vocation for national audiences. Fare Forward exists to showcase thoughtful engagement with current ideas from an intellectually rigorous Christian perspective, and to develop the next generation of thoughtful Christian voices in our culture.

Student Internships in Vocation & Service
EWS’s internship program brings together alumni and students to explore the intersection of faith, vocation, and service. Alumni hosts offer a variety of opportunities for students to work in a field of interest, develop leadership and personal skills, and grow in discernment of vocation and calling. Internships are available for students in fields including business, medicine, law, global development, community service, and ministry. Opportunities for students are expanding as more alumni become involved with EWS.

Supporting Ministries
There are many Christian ministries doing excellent work in the Dartmouth community. EWS supports campus and area ministry initiatives through a ministry seed grant program.