reason, faith & vocation


We further the interests, welfare, and educational purposes of Dartmouth College by engaging the personal, professional, and financial resources of Dartmouth alumni.

  • We provide resources and environments for students, faculty, and alumni to elevate reason, promote development of robust ethical value systems, stimulate constructive discussion among faiths, and share Christian perspectives.
  • We develop and maintain a network of alumni who are committed to integrating faith and life and are willing to invest in long-term relationships with students.
  • We expand the personal and financial resources available to ministries and organizations already operating on Dartmouth’s campus.
  • We establish a reproducible model that can be duplicated on college and university campuses elsewhere.

The Eleazar Wheelock Society is a unique, pan-denominational resource promoting a constructive role for faith in learning environments like Dartmouth. With this initiative, we have the opportunity to restore a positive place for spiritual matters in the life of the mind. Anyone interested in these goals would do well to be involved with the society.

– David Allman D’76, co-founder of EWS