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Our Story

The Dartmouth Apologia, a student published academic journal, was founded in 2006 by a group of freshmen who wanted to prove to their peers that Christians think. Apologia, translated from Greek as defense, was created to defend the rich intellectual tradition of Christianity and articulate why it is reasonable to profess faith in Christ. Mentored from the beginning by faculty of faith, the group was officially recognized as a college-sponsored organization and grew ecumenically. The Apologia was noticed by several alumni in 2009, who then founded the Eleazar Wheelock Society to gather Dartmouth Christian alumni to support the efforts of the journal and ministries on campus. To garner support for the burgeoning student movement, EWS hosted the first Wheelock Conference in 2010.

In the six years since, the pilot project has flourished into an organization that has life-changing impact on students and cultivates rich conversation and mentorship around integrating faith, reason, and vocation. April 2016 marks the 7th annual Wheelock Conference, which has hosted distinguished keynote speakers such as Eric Metaxas and Gary Haugen. The conference has become a yearly highlight for the student Christian community on campus as well as an important gathering point for the broader community. The Dartmouth Apologia journal has published 21 editions, tackling questions ranging from the reality of the resurrection to the perceived conflict between faith and science. In 2008, student wanted to further explore the relevance of faith to the pursuits of the academy by creating a space for thoughtful, rigorous education on the history of the church and the intersection of Christianity with classic literature, philosophy, and more. Since then, the Waterman Institute has hosted more than two dozen seminars taught by faculty and community members.

In the 10 years since the founding of the Apologia, the journal and Christian students on campus have gained a respected place within the academic community as well as socially among students. Claiming its voice on campus, the Apologia is now beginning to curate a thoughtful articulation of Christianity

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Our Name

EWS embraced the name of Eleazar Wheelock – the founder of Dartmouth College – because of his commitment to the biblical worldview as a robust and rational foundation for all of life and learning.

Eleazar Wheelock sought to fully integrate his Christian faith into every aspect of his life. His faith fed his intellectual pursuits, animated his vocation, and inspired his high calling to serve others.